Resident, Bethany Cochrane

Bethany was always close to home but when Sue needed a little extra help and she moved into the care centre, it became close to her heart too. After two years living at Bethany, she is an important part of the community with her volunteer work, charming personality and dedication to her fellow residents.

People move into Bethany communities for a lot of different reasons. Sue, however, simply decided one day after dealing with some balance issues that she could use a little more help with her day-to-day activities and she knew immediately where she would turn: the Bethany community in her hometown of Cochrane.

A Lifelong Prairie Love

Sue embraces life and doing things her own way. Her dedication to her friends, family and community never waivers, but she’s always forged her own path and set her own goals. After growing up on a small farm just outside of Cochrane, Sue eventually moved into Calgary to finish high school. It was there that two events shaped her life forever: she met her lifelong partner and completed a Nursing program.

After finishing school, Sue married her sweetheart and they had five children. While she never worked professionally as a nurse, that educational experience empowered her to go above and beyond in how she cared for her family and cemented a passion for education. Eventually, Sue’s interest in education and generosity to others led her to serve on the Calgary Catholic Schoolboard and with the Alberta School Trustees Association.

Moving into Bethany was exactly what I needed.

After a life of offering care and service, it was time for Sue to accept it from others. Sue now enjoys the activities available at Bethany, and forever a free spirit, welcomes the freedom to participate in only the things that interest her. From the staff to the volunteers, and into the local community she’s always been a part of, Bethany is truly home for Sue.

A Generosity of Spirit and Time

Sue arrived at Bethany looking for a little help. But those who knew Sue weren’t surprised when she started giving it as well. Sue volunteers at the Bethany library where she completely refreshed the organization of the books – a seemingly little thing that took hours and provided a massive amount of help for the bookworms of Bethany.

Sue’s efforts extend well beyond Bethany. She volunteers with ClothesLine – where admittedly she may bring home as many dresses as she steams and organizes. Helping the community and spending time with the young folks at ClothesLine are regular highlights within her week and activities she cherishes.

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After Bob’s wife moved in, he also found a home away from home at Bethany.

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