Volunteer, Bethany Cochrane

Bob’s experience with Bethany is deeply personal. When Bob’s wife moved into Bethany, they both became extremely involved in the community and much-loved by those around them.

Bob and his wife Beverly lived in nearly 30 different homes during their time together, but there wasn’t anywhere quite like Bethany. After her diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in 1997, Bob and Beverly decided to enjoy every moment of their life together positively, an attitude they brought to Bethany for their last four and half years together.

A Dedication To Each Other – And Their Community

Bob spent his working life serving with the RCMP in countless cities across the country. His dedication to others wasn’t just a profession, it’s part of his personality. During Beverly’s stay at Bethany, he spent most of his hours with her laughing, smiling and pushing her wheelchair through the halls, around the grounds and alongside the river.

But Bob’s generosity of spirit extends so much further than just those closest to him. In addition to the time he spent with Beverly at Bethany, he dedicated almost five hours a week to volunteering, raising money and spending time with the other residents.

My memories of some of the dinners will long live with me.

In the midst of his wife’s disease, Bob always had time for others. He would often find himself at Bethany for mealtimes. Bob would selflessly assist with ensuring residents were able to enjoy their food with ease and dignity, while also providing the company and companionship that nourishes the soul as food does the body.

Whether ensuring he mixed a centenarian’s tea with the perfect amount of sweetener or discussing the day’s news with those who read the newspaper cover to cover, Bob was an important part of many residents’ days.

An Ongoing Commitment

Since Beverly’s passing, Bob is less involved in the day-to-day activities at Bethany, but he is still dedicated to what he calls a “community gem that must be polished by all Cochrane citizens.” Bob remains on the family council and helps ensure the care centre provides the home, care and loving environment that it did for Beverly, and the people who became lifelong friends.

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