Innovative health, housing and lifestyle services for our residents

There is a continued need for government investment in quality care for all seniors and we must work together to find better solutions. We work with the government to identify opportunities to continue to make Alberta seniors’ care world class.

We believe it is important to develop innovative ideas to better serve seniors in Alberta. We want to collaborate with government to ensure there is a viable, long-term seniors care plan, based on the projected increase in seniors living in Alberta in the future.

There are increasing numbers of seniors in our province. It is essential to have an open and flexible plan to ensure quality of life for them. Long term care in Alberta is funded 19% below the national average.

As a health care expert and advocate, and one of the largest care providers in Western Canada, we want to initiate an important conversation on an affordable housing strategy for seniors housing and appropriate care options for those who need it most.

We urge the Alberta Government to provide Albertans with an easy-to understand and easily navigable care model.