Bethany Care Society subverts the social media old age photo trend in a campaign to raise awareness of seniors’ care

CALGARY, AB – Millions of people around the world have spent the last couple weeks posting photos they’ve created with the social media application that show what they may look like when they’re elderly. Bethany Care Society has taken notice and responded with a playful and informative social media campaign.

With the concept of aging top of mind, there was an incredible opportunity to raise awareness of the issues faced by seniors everywhere and the difference that can be made by volunteering. Bethany Care turned to their trusted partner, Park Digital, to create a social media campaign that subverted the popular style of the social media selfies to communicate an important message to Albertans.

“Unfortunately it’s not every day that people are thinking about seniors,” said Jennifer McCue, President and CEO of Bethany. “So when social media pictures started popping up everywhere it was clear that we had an opportunity to help connect people to the seniors in their own community.”

The campaign is just the latest of a series of digital campaigns the Bethany Care Society has leveraged to raise awareness to the challenges of seniors and opportunities of everyday Albertans to get involved. Beginning with “People of Bethany,” the organization has used the power of social media and digital marketing to connect with people across the province.

“Our digital campaigns have provided us an opportunity to inspire our staff, celebrate our residents and raise awareness across the province in an entirely new and exciting way. It’s an interesting mix, seniors’ care and digital media, but for us, it’s definitely working,” said Jennifer.

About Bethany Care Society

For over 70 years, Bethany has been improving the lives of Alberta seniors and adults with disabilities by providing housing, health and community services that honour their spirit and individuality. Grounded by faith and strong values, the greatest service we can offer residents, tenants and clients is to foster well-being for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. At Bethany, we embrace and celebrate aging. By creating communities of caring, both in our residences and among our residents, we improve the quality of life for those involved with Bethany.

We are a faith-based organization founded in 1945, and continue to be one of Western Canada’s largest voluntary, not-for-profit providers of health, housing and community services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Visit for more information.