Bethany Care Society and CCHL Sign Three-Year Strategic Alliance

New partnership agreement serves as an avenue to promote excellence in the health leadership field 

Bethany Care Society has entered into a strategic alliance with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) to increase the leadership capabilities of health care managers in Canada.

Through this agreement, Bethany and the CCHL will work together to encourage managers in the health care field to obtain their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation, the only certification program for Canadian health leaders. This program offers individual leaders several benefits including support for lifelong learning in health services leadership; assistance with career advancement; peer recognition and also serves as an essential career designation.

“We are truly delighted to have signed this agreement with Bethany,” said Ray Racette, CHE, President and CEO of the CCHL. “Our partnership acknowledges that there is a commitment to ongoing professional development for health leaders at Bethany and recognizes how important it is for health leaders to become certified, and to earn the CHE designation.”

For employers like Bethany, trained leaders gain enhanced knowledge to support the organization’s operations and have the ability to contribute to strategic growth. Employers also have the ability to use the CHE as an industry-wide benchmark when evaluating employee performance.

“Bethany is proud and committed to the profession of leadership and management in the health services field, and recognizes the CHE designation as a preferred credential for its leadership team,” says Jennifer McCue, President and CEO of Bethany Care Society. “Our partnership with the CCHL supports our corporate commitment to promoting excellence at Bethany.”

This collaboration will also allow for both organizations to better address the constantly evolving needs of health leaders and align themselves with the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. This framework is a foundation for Canadian health leadership development and defines the knowledge, skills and attitudes a leader must have to positively contribute to the Canadian health care system.

“As the CHE designation continues to gain ground as the preferred designation for health care leaders and is recognized as an industry-wide benchmark for evaluating employee performance, partnerships, such as this one with the Bethany Care Society, take a front seat in the ever changing health care field.  The value of investing in our leaders’ lifelong learning is essential and I am extremely pleased with the forming of this new alliance.” Says Sylvie Deliencourt, College Director, Certification, Leadership Development and Chapter Support.