Bethany and AHS Develop First ALC Unit in Calgary Zone

In early 2017, Bethany Care Society and Alberta Health Services (AHS) undertook the challenge of developing the first Alternative Level of Care (ALC) unit in the Calgary Zone. Working in close collaboration, Bethany and AHS have turned this challenge into a reality. November 20, 2017, marked the official unveiling of Bethany Calgary’s repurposed 42-bed Level 4 Heartland unit in the city’s northwest quadrant.

Designed to address the community-based needs of Calgary Zone’s aging population, the new ALC unit will enable Bethany staff to provide services tailored to seniors currently in acute care hospitals who no longer need acute care support, but do require a subacute level of care.

ALC staff are highly trained to assess a resident’s function, cognition and health. The overarching goal of this program is to determine the most appropriate designated living options for these seniors (home, lodge, supportive living or long-term care).

Residents of the former Level 4 Heartland unit have chosen alternate neighbourhoods within the Bethany Calgary community.

Bethany will continue to work closely with AHS over the coming weeks to determine specialized roles within the ALC unit, and to provide education and training for staff. Those with questions are encouraged to contact: