Service Excellence Awards 2022

This year’s Service Excellence honourees were recognized at a special awards evening at Lions Village on November 17, 2022. As Jennifer McCue noted, “Service excellence is the one thing all of us can do every day to make the world a better place for someone. It can show up in ways big and small.” Congratulations to each of this year’s finalists and honourees for turning Bethany’s mission, vision and values into action through their extraordinary commitment to service.


New Employee Mentor Award

Runner-Up: Heather Franson, Health Care Aide, Bethany Aspen Ridge Lodge in Didsbury

Honouree: Jill Thompson, Health Care Aide, Bethany Airdrie


Rising Star Award

Runner-Up: Mara Hendry, Care Services Manager, Bethany Calgary

Honouree: Rose Reindl, Licensed Practical Nurse, Bethany Cochrane


Board of Trustees Mission Award

Runner-Up: Corina Stevenson, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Bethany Sylvan Lake

Honouree: Hanisel Guzman, Health Care Aide, Bethany Airdrie


Family & Community Engagement Award

Runner-Up: MaryAnne Harder, Licensed Practical Nurse, Bethany Didsbury

Honouree: Samantha Cameron, Manager Housing, Bethany Lion’s Village


Excellence in Health & Safety Award

Runner-Up: Curtis Ganske, Maintenance Worker, Bethany Calgary

Honouree: Yasmin Rawji, Registered Nurse, Bethany Calgary


Innovation Excellence Award

Honouree: The Social Worker Team at Bethany Riverview


Relationship & Respect Award

Runner-Up: Caitlyn DeMars, Registered Nurse, Bethany Cochrane

Honouree: Jibin George, Registered Nurse, Bethany Sylvan Lake


Leadership Award

Runner-Up: Zenylin Gomez-Kong, Care Services Manager, Bethany CollegeSide

Honouree: Monica Johnson, Site Administrator, Bethany Cochrane