1. Click here to watch the instruction video for the Sensory Activity Level

  2. How to use the kit with the resident:

Goal: To enable the resident to experience the effect of the activity on their senses

  • Introduce up to 2 sensory objects at a time to the resident, helping them choose their preference if able

  • Have no more than 2 sensory objects operating at once, but if this is distracting, limit to 1

  • If the resident is distracted, reduce background noise and provide a quiet environment to complete the activity

  • Allow the resident to lead and explore the object(s) and physically assist if needed

  • Draw attention to the activity by using physical touch to guide the resident and by saying the resident’s name

  • Provide one step verbal instructions on how to stimulate the senses accompanied by guided physical movements. Limit these instructions to the action and the object.

    • For example, 1) “Stella, hold the coffee beans” then physically support and position the resident’s hand in a palm up position to keep beans in hand. 2) “Smell the coffee beans, Stella.” Physically guide the resident to lift arm/hand while holding tin of coffee beans and bring towards nose.

  • Reinforce the activity by talking about the object and the sensations experienced. Try not to ask the resident questions but instead state facts.

    • For example, 1) “the smell of coffee always reminds me of Sunday morning breakfast with the family.” 2) “The taste of chocolate is sweet on the tongue.”

  • Maximum session time is 20 mins unless the resident can no longer concentrate

  • Ideal session is 1:1 but can provide in a group of 2