1. Click here to watch the instruction video for the Reflex Activity Level

  2. How to use the kit with the resident:

Goal: To enable the resident to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings by engaging them in direct sensory stimulation

  • Introduce only one sensory object at a time

  • Have no more than one sensory object operating at once

    • If using the music playlist, consider that to be one stimulus

  • Try to stimulate all senses of vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste, but one at a time

  • Reduce background noise, ensure environment is quiet and there are no distractions

  • Help the resident to explore the objects by providing physical guidance

    • For example, place your hand over the resident’s hand to help them hold and touch the pine branches

  • Use your body language to establish a connection with the resident

    • For example, use eye contact, body posture, smile

  • Use one-word verbal instructions to guide the resident to touch and explore the objects. Use a warm and reassuring tone of voice, adapt volume as needed for better engagement. Repeat instructions as needed.

    • For example, “smell”, “look”, “listen”, “touch”, “taste”

  • Directly stimulate the target area (i.e. nose) by bringing the object towards the resident

    • For example, 1) Place a scented item such as the coffee beans directly under the resident’s nose and say, “smell” 2) Place a tactile object such as a pine cone in the palm of the hand and say, “touch” 3) Place visual stimuli such as a photograph in the resident’s direct line of sight and say, “look”

  • Maximum session time is 10 mins unless the resident can no longer concentrate

  • This session should be 1:1 only, group sessions are discouraged