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Goal: To enable the Resident to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings using single senses

Present only one sensory object at a time. Ensure all senses are stimulated equally, but one at a time

Reduce background noise – if using music playlist, consider that to be the one stimulus

Provide one step directions only during activity. For example: 1)”Look at these coffee beans.” 2)“Smell the coffee beans.” 3) “Hold the coffee beans in your hands.”

Directly stimulate the target body area by bringing object near the body part

Use your body language i.e. eye contact, body postures, smiling, etc. to enhance the level of stimulation

Use gentle touch to guide the Resident to explore and handle the objects

Maximum session time is 10 mins unless the Resident can no longer concentrate

This session should be 1:1 only, group sessions are discouraged