1. Click here to watch the instruction video for the Planned Activity Level

  2. How to use the kit with the resident:

Goal: To enable the resident to take control and master the steps involved to complete the activity

  • Introduce up to 2 or 3 sensory objects at a time to the resident, then allow them to choose which object(s) to use

  • Have no more than 3 sensory objects operating at once

  • Allow the resident to lead and explore the object(s)

  • Provide verbal instructions on how to stimulate the senses in short sentences as the resident explores the object(s), do not use connecting words such as “and”, “but”, “therefore”

    • For example, if the resident does not initiate opening the coffee tin then say, “Let’s open this coffee tin to smell the beans. You can do that by turning the lid in this direction.”

  • If the resident has difficulty with the activity, demonstrate the action and allow them to attempt

    • For example, you may show them the motion of how to turn the lid to open the tin and bring tin up to nose to smell the beans

  • Engage in conversation with the resident, asking them to reflect on the sensory qualities of the objects

  • For example, 1) “How do you feel after having a cup of coffee?” 2) “What does the smell of coffee remind you of?” 3) “What is your favorite hot drink?”

  • Maximum session time is 30 mins unless the resident can no longer concentrate

  • Ideal session is 1:1 but can provide in a group of 3

  • Encourage resident to help tidy up after the session