1. Click here to watch the instruction video for the Exploratory Activity Level

  2. How to use the kit with the resident:

Goal: To enable the resident to experience the sensation of doing the activity rather than focusing on the end goal

  • Introduce up to 2 sensory objects at a time to the resident, then allow them to choose which object(s) to use

  • Have no more than 3 sensory objects operating at once

  • If the resident is distracted, reduce background noise and provide a quiet environment to complete the activity

  • Allow the resident to lead and explore the object(s)

  • Provide verbal instructions on how to stimulate the senses in short 2- 3 step sentences and repeat as needed. Do not use connecting words such as “and”, “but”, “therefore”

    • For example, “First, take the coffee tin out of the kit, turn the lid to the open position. Now, bring the tin near your nose to smell the beans.

  • Provide demonstration of how to handle the objects if resident is having difficulty

  • Encourage the resident to think about the sensory qualities of the object and reminisce on related past or present hobbies/activities or memories. For example, “What does the smell of coffee beans remind you of?” “When do you usually drink coffee?” “Does the smell of coffee make you think of any special moments?”

  • Maximum session time is 20 mins unless the resident can no longer concentrate

  • Ideal session is 1:1 but can provide in a group of 2