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Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health, has announced new public health restrictions to further protect residents in continuing care sites from COVID-19.

Please note that Outbreak Status will be updated on regular business days. If you have questions or concerns outside this time, please contact your Site Administrator or Care Services Manager.

Given the increased transmissibility of the Omicron variant, which has now become the dominant variant in Alberta, the Chief Medical Officer of Health introduced some additional measures on December 23, 2021. The following measures are being implemented at Bethany sites effective immediately:

*During this time of rapid community spread of Omicron, we are encouraging families to carefully consider the elevated risk of taking their loved ones out of the care centre on a pass.

1. Visiting persons may use their own seal-checked KN-95 mask. If they do not have one, a well fitted surgical/procedure mask is required and will be provided by MVSH site staff on arrival. We will be asking that each visitor apply a new KN-95 mask, or a MVSH-supplied surgical/procedure mask, in front of the screener at the entrance. Information on how to seal-check a KN-95 mask will be provided at the screening desk.

2. Additionally, updated screening and rapid testing processes for staff are being implemented to further protect against the Omicron variant entering our sites.

All continuing care facility visitors will be required to wear a mask in all indoor areas including resident rooms. The only exception will be if there are significant communication challenges, in which case adaptations will be permitted.

Additionally, residents being admitted to a facility from acute care or returning from a hospital stay of longer than 24 hours must be quarantined temporarily when they return to their continuing care home, with quarantine lasting until they receive a negative COVID-19 PCR test. Dr. Hinshaw strongly encourages families and friends who are not fully vaccinated to refrain from visiting continuing care sites in person and to stay connected through virtual visits.

We ask that you carefully review these guidelines prior to coming on site:

Restrictions remaining in place:

  • Health Assessment Screening and continuous masking for staff, volunteers and service providers.
  • Visiting persons are required to wear a mask continuously in common areas and will be screened upon entry.
  • Unvaccinated visiting persons (including children under 12) are strongly encouraged to wear a mask even in resident room/private areas.
  • Twice daily high-touch cleaning requirements are in place for in common areas.

Should an outbreak occur, we will continue to follow strict outbreak protocols and implement select quarantine/isolation requirements when needed. We will update impacted residents and families as required.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if this site goes into outbreak, visitation will be reviewed.

We know you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. We are too. As always, we are diligently following protocols and working closely with our public health bodies and Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health to ensure that we are acting on the most current information and public health recommendations.

You may also directly reach out to your Site Administrator with questions and concerns:

Site Administrator: Joan Smyth

For smartphone users, please scroll the table for the site outbreak status.

You may notice that we are using some different terms to report COVID-19 status at our sites. Please note: we are posting the same information, but the language for the various categories has been updated as per Alberta Health Services directives. We have been advised that these changes will help facilitate a swift response and provide an early indicator of possible positive testing. See the revised definitions further down this page.

MAY 20, 2022

The numbers of positive cases will change as employees complete self-isolating or recover and are able to return to work, and as residents recover. Where there is a new case noted for either an employee or resident, we will identify that case as “new” on the first day it is posted, after which time it will be rolled into our ongoing numbers.

Definition of terms:

(Revised January 10, 2022 as per Alberta Health Services)

Note that Public Health determines whether a unit or site meets the criteria to be declared in an outbreak. A unit that is under investigation means that Public Health are investigating suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases on the unit (residents and/or staff) but the unit has not been declared an outbreak by Public Health.

The above information reflects COVID-19 cases confirmed by laboratory testing linked to the site. Delays to testing in the province may impact the timeliness of the information.

A COVID-19 outbreak is defined as:

  • Two or more residents and/or employees who are confirmed to have COVID-19 within a 14-day period OR cases are linked to the same location or caregiver where there is reasonable evidence that transmission could have occurred.
  • Employees must have worked at the site during the time they were infectious OR likely to have acquired the infection at work.
  • NOTE: A single resident/employee case linked to the site does NOT meet the definition for a facility outbreak. These sites will be deemed “SITE UNDER INVESTIGATION”. 

A site under investigation is defined as:

  • At least one resident or employee who exhibits any of the symptoms of COVID-19. This includes sites with only one (1) resident/employee confirmed to have COVID-19.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Cam Heke
Director, Marketing and Communications
direct: (403) 827-0031