Bethany Didsbury Updates

Bethany Didsbury will be creating a local visitor policy specific to its site after consulting with residents, family and employees. We will provide further details as we develop these plans. Please check back regularly for ongoing updates.

You can review the visitation guidelines for this site here. We ask that you carefully review the process for scheduling a visit, as well as the steps we are taking to ensure all of our residents remain safe, which remains our highest priority.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if this site goes into outbreak, visitation will be reviewed.

We know you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. We are too. As always, we are diligently following protocols and working closely with our public health bodies and Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health to ensure that we are acting on the most current information and public health recommendations.

This page will be updated weekdays (Monday – Friday) by 5 p.m. Please refer to the information below for status updates and an explanation of terms.

You may also directly reach out to your Site Administrator with questions and concerns:

Site Administrator: Joan Smyth

For smartphone users, please scroll the table for the site outbreak status.

You may notice that we are using some different terms to report COVID-19 status at our sites. Please note: we are posting the same information, but the language for the various categories has been updated as per Alberta Health Services directives. We have been advised that these changes will help facilitate a swift response and provide an early indicator of possible positive testing. See the revised definitions further down this page.

JUNE 23, 2021

The numbers of positive cases will change as employees complete self-isolating or recover and are able to return to work, and as residents recover. Where there is a new case noted for either an employee or resident, we will identify that case as “new” on the first day it is posted, after which time it will be rolled into our on-going numbers.

Definition of terms:

(revised Apr 30, 2020 as per Alberta Health Services)


A site in outbreak prevention is defined as:

  • No residents or staff showing any symptoms of COVID-19


site under investigation is defined as:

  • At least one resident or staff member who exhibits any of the symptoms of COVID-19


confirmed COVID-19 outbreak is defined as:

  • Any one individual (resident or staff) laboratory confirmed to have COVID-19
  • Note that sites with two or more individuals with confirmed COVID-19 will be included in public reporting

For media inquiries, please contact:

Bonnie Elgie